Why you need to know about it.

Illegal cigarettes are being sold in our own neighbourhoods and many of us don’t realize the consequences of those sales. Millions of dollars in profits on illegal cigarettes are directly funding organized crime and contributing to guns and drug trafficking on our streets. It’s got to stop. We need to speak out and we need to stop the sale of illegal cigarettes in Ontario. It starts with your help to get there.

How to Spot Illegal
Tobacco Products


  1. Legal packages of cigarettes in Ontario are identified by a yellow Ontario-adapted federal stamp with the letters “ON”.
  2. A carton of 200 cigarettes cost a minimum of $60 with tax in Ontario. Any carton that is less than $60 is likely illegal.
  3. With taxes in, a pack of 20 cigarettes sells for at least $6. Packs sold for less than $6 are likely illegal.


  1. Unless otherwise permitted in the limited exceptions under the Tobacco Tax Act, it is illegal in Ontario for anyone to purchase, possess or sell any quantity of cigarettes or package of fine cut tobacco not marked with the Ontario-adapted federal stamp.
  2. Packages of cigarettes and packages of fine cut tobacco with the peach-coloured federal stamp are considered illegal unless sold to First Nations under Ontario’s First Nation Cigarette Allocation System and to diplomats.
  3. To purchase, possess, store or sell cigarettes or fine cut tobacco with a peach-coloured Federal tax stamp, you must hold a permit.

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Stay Informed

If you see illegal tobacco products or people selling illegal tobacco products, call Crime Stoppers
at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

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